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Inference and serving

  • Changes to serving-related code are guaranteed to be backward compatible.
  • Model inference is deterministic: the same example is guaranteed to yield the same prediction.
  • Learners and models are extensively tested, including integration testing on real datasets; and, there exists no execution path in the serving code that crashes as a result of an error; Instead, in case of failure (e.g., malformed input example), the inference code returns a util::Status.


  • Hyper-parameters' semantics are never modified.
  • The default value of hyper-parameters is never modified.
  • The default value of a newly-introduced hyper-parameter is set in such a way that the hyper-parameter is effectively disabled.

Quality Assurance

The following mechanisms will be put in place to ensure the quality of the library:

  • Peer-reviewing.
  • Unit testing.
  • Training benchmarks with ranges of acceptable evaluation metrics.
  • Sanitizers.